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How to Clean Leather Bags: keep leather bags shiny and stain free!!

Posted on September 14 2015

Leather Bag Clinic Announcement: keep them shiny and stain free!!

Leather bags are an essential part of a person’s wardrobe. No matter what age or society everybody has used one at some point of their life. With these gorgeous items comes a major peeve: STAIN ALERT!! .This is probably an everyday story for a number of ladies and well some of the males out there who carry them. When the stain alarm goes off on your leather bag it’s better to treat them as early as possible, otherwise you will have to look for a cleaning company in your area that will charge you almost the price of your (Chanel, Prada, Furla) leather bag.

Some of the easy and quick remedies for this stain problem are available in few easy steps:

  • Identify the type of stain: oil, ink or water
  • If it’s an ink stain, use the nail color remover (any brand you can easily find), remove the stain by rubbing the specific spot or area with a cotton slightly soaked with the remover. A little bit of leather’s own color would also come off if it’s the raw high or the type of leather without any protective finishing. This issue is easy to address. To know how: KEEP READING!!
  • While dealing with the water stain, use a slightly damped cloth after applying a moisturizing soap (any brand would do) and just buff the affected area. DO NOT spread the whole thing to the entire bag or the stain will get worse. When you are done with buffing the area let it set for a day so that the leather would dry off properly.
  • Coming towards the oil stain use a little bit of corn starch from your kitchen over the stain, let it sit for at least 10 mins so that it will soak the oil and then rub it with an old tooth brush. Rub off with a slightly damp cloth. After removing the stain from the bag, use any leather polisher or protector for bags that is easily available at the store to address the issue of slight de-coloration of the leather. Use any cloth to apply the protector, and remove the residue. This will help keep those favorites last longer and look like brand new! 


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